17 Things You Need To Complete Your Mermaid Transformation

Because let’s face it: who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

1. For the gal who wants to ease into the transition.

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2. And the mermaids ready to come out to the world.

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3. Sometimes, you just need to give the normal folk that gentle reminder.

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4. For when you want to casually wear clam shells.

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5. Don’t forget your dinglehopper.

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6. For the mermaid that loves Ariel’s color combo.

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7. Or maybe you like your scales in a one piece.

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8. Mermaid hair accessories are extremely important.

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9. Add mermaid-esque hair length and color with extensions.

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10. Obviously you need this for when you upgrade to a finned Princess.

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11. Then, to Queen.

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12. A wave ready mermaid tail (just remember you are not actually a fish, sorry.)

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13. You need leggings for excursions on dry land.

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14. Can’t forget the mermen out there.

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15. You need the perfect mermaid mani.

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16. You need these metallic shades for lagoon ready lids.

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17. Show everyone your love for your sea brethren.

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Better start practicing that signature hair flip.



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