14 Animals With Better Bathroom Etiquette Than You

These furry friends are taking care of business in the bathroom. Next time nature calls, grab a roll of Charmin. Because, those who go with Charmin always enjoy the go.

1. Shut the door.

ID: 1023581

2. Use plenty of toilet paper.

ID: 1023596

3. But, not too much.

ID: 1023684

4. Make sure it flushes.

ID: 1017611

5. Go ahead, take a bath.

ID: 1023741

6. Take time to set a relaxing mood.

ID: 1017657

7. Enjoy a little “me time”.

ID: 1023726

8. Make sure the water isn’t too hot.

ID: 1023504

9. Don’t slip!

ID: 1023837

10. Always wash your hands.

ID: 1017632

11. Have a sip of water.

ID: 1023721

12. Do a little dance.

ID: 1023314

13. Have a little fun.

ID: 1023522

14. Enjoy The Go.

ID: 1017626

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