Here’s What Emoji Would Look Like In Real Life

It happened.

Thanks to Liza Nelson’s Tumblr, Emoji IRL. LOL., you can finally look into the cold, dead eyes of “Mustache Man,” or admire the fine detail on everyone’s favorite “Gun” emoji. The Tumblr looks to be a recurring series rather than an exhaustive catalogue, meant as part art project, part celebration. As Nelson writes on her Tumblr, “By finding, posing, and sculpting emjois in real life I’ve created a set of shrines to the individual characters. Because somebody had to do it.”

3. They’re pretty great, though “Mustache Guy” is a little jarring.

Liza Nelson / Via

4. There’s the old standbys, like “Gun”…

Liza Nelson / Via

5. And the lesser appreciated gems, too!

Liza Nelson / Via

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