Google Drive Is Down

Google users across the internet are experiencing outages on desktop. The outage appears to be limited to the desktop. Update: It’s fixed. posted on

1. Around 2:50pm this afternoon, reports started surfacing from Twitter users unable to access Google Drive/Docs. The outage appears relegated to the desktop client, meaning the documents are still accessible via mobile.

Direct links to documents, which can be found via most mobile interfaces, will allow you to load your documents. A friendly Friday reminder of just how dependent we are on the cloud.

Google has not yet returned a request for comment.

3. Google’s status dashboard has not been update to reflect the outage:

4. Meanwhile, panic:

My Google Docs are gone too. If you link straight to one or use iPhone apps, they are still there! /cc @stevekovach," target="_blank">">@stevekovach, @gaberivera" target="_blank">">@gaberivera #googledocs" target="_blank">">#googledocs

Google Drive (Docs) files have been inaccessible for at least 5 minutes. Go Google Go!

Anyone else having problems with Google Docs? My docs have magically disappeared this afternoon.

10. Update: The Google Drive server error appears to be fixed and Docs are back up and running as of about 3:15pm.

Google Drive is back up for me. Finally I can get some work done on a Friday

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