6 #Helpful #Tips To Help The CIA Increase #Social #Brand #Engagement

Welcome to the ‘net!

The Central Intelligence Agency joined Facebook and Twitter Friday. It’s part of a push by the agency it’s calling, “CIA goes social.”

And, I mean, why not, right?! Social media is a great way to #jointheconversation and #amplify your #brand message. It’s a fun way to reach a new #audience and #connect.

But #TakingThePlunge on social media can be scary, even for agencies that manage a sprawling #GlobalSurveillanceInfrastructure! So here are a few tips for the CIA to increase engagement via social media. Below are some suggested images and tweets that are sure to get people #talking.

Welcome aboard, guys! And remember: HAVE #FUN!

1. Be sure to share images to increase Twitter engagement (up to 150%!!!)

“@CIA: Wanna get away?! Try one of our Polish black site locations!!”

2. Share relevant links! According to Buffer, Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted!

“@CIA: Nothing to see here!

3. Have #fun with pop culture. Get a little silly!

“@CIA: Rendition: it’s not just a Jake Gyllenhaal film!”

4. When it comes to #brands, transparency is key.


“@CIA: Don’t look up (lol!)”

5. Social media experts say, “Your tweets have a 12x higher chance of being retweeted if you ask for it.”

The Guardian / Reuters

“@CIA: RT if you think Snowden is traitor. Fav if patriot!”

6. Be sure to take part in hashtags like #ThrowBackThursday. Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement!

“@CIA: Back in 1953! So many memories! #tbt #goodoledays #whatacoup! #weweresoyoungthen”

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