12 Subtle But Ominous Hints From Google That Prove The World Is Ending

The clues have always been there, it’s just taken until now to find them.

2. According to Google’s Ngram Viewer, which plots words and phrases over time based on data from Google Books…

ID: 1824906

3. God is dead.

ID: 1823987

4. So is the notion of family.

ID: 1823996

5. Reproductive dysfunction is at an all-time high..

ID: 1823993

6. Penises are on the rise…

ID: 1823989

7. …But men aren’t (actually, this could be one of the only positives to come out of all of this).

ID: 1823985

8. Our hearts are exploding at an almost exponential rate.

ID: 1823999

9. We’re eating so poorly that our stomachs are rebelling.

ID: 1823994

10. We’re less and less concerned with differentiating or describing our wars in special ways

ID: 1823997

11. …but far more concerned with committing crimes during them.

ID: 1823995

12. And we favor murder in bulk above all other forms.

ID: 1825404

13. Greed is rampant…

ID: 1823998

14. …so much so that we’re pretty sure it will ruin our society.

ID: 1825373

15. Pretty bleak, eh? I suppose it’s not all bad…

ID: 1825514

16. True love is on the rise!

ID: 1823992

17. As is social justice.

ID: 1823991

18. International peace is more important to us than it used to be.

ID: 1825595

19. And the internet is freer than ever.

ID: 1825607

20. So, hey, who knows, right? I mean, that was just a few isolated examples. There’s no real proof the world is going to en—

ID: 1825117

21. Oh. Well, it was a good run…

ID: 1825119

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