10 Party Rockin LMFAO Pieces On Etsy

Etsy gets it’s LMFAO fan art on! And who couldnt use a Party Rock Custom Corset Bustier?

1. I Workout LMFAO inspired Shorts

Via http://etsy.com

You no longer need to verbally communicate “I workout.”

2. LMFAO Vans

Via http://etsy.com

So you can keep shufflin’. Everyday.

3. LMFAO Card

Via http://etsy.com

For the perfect way to tell that special someone, “sorry for party rockin.”

4. Retro Sunglasses “Party Rock Shades” Necklace

Via http://etsy.com

For those invisible neck-eyeballs we all have!

5. I’m Sexy And I Know It -Square Enix Fan Art Print

Via http://etsy.com

The poster for LMFAO’s new Disney series.

6. Party Rock Custom Corset Bustier Top

Via http://etsy.com

If you ever get invited over to one of Redfoo’s soiree’s. Indoubtedly.

7. Dancing Robot “Shuffle-Bot” - Laser Cut ‘Ivory’ Acrylic Pendant

Via http://etsy.com

Shuffle Bot is where the heart is.

8. Zebra Blue Zebra Onesie with Hat

Via http://etsy.com

For only the babies with the brightest futures. And by bright, I mean neon blue zebra print, with a polka dot overall overlay.

9. Geometric Pinata Pattern Leggings

Via http://etsy.com

Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. Yeah.

10. OOAK Shuffle Bot Robot Cushion

Via http://etsy.com

The party doesn’t have to end just because your asleep.

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