10 Things That Happen To Millennials Who Do A PhD

Young grad students have it hard, y’all!

1. Internet has a much bigger place in your heart than in your supervisor’s.

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2. You don’t want anyone telling you that you can’t do something.

(especially your supervisor)

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3. You make fun daily of academia’s seriousness.

(even when your supervisor doesn’t find you funny at all)

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4. You get weird reactions when you tell people in academia that you play videogames.

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5. You can’t imagine how people wrote their thesis without a computer before.

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6. When you walk in a meeting where your supervisor has already settled to “break you” and be intentionally harsh, you see right through his/her strategy and just wait until it’s over.

(although the sensitive ones will cry anyways)

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7. You’ve been dealing with procrastination on the internet since your teenage years: you can basically write your entire thesis with Gmail and Facebook tabs open. (right?)

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8. You wear blazers ironically only, but no one knows that.

(and perhaps to appear older too)

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9. You don’t see a difference between the links you share on social media and your thesis bibliography: you carefully construct both, as your online persona.

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10. The way you write, respond to, and understand emails is a million miles away from the way your supervisor does.

Hello anxiety.

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