35 New Uses For Old Newspapers And Magazines

Don’t worry, these are less offensive than DIY book projects

1. Starburst Clock


Who needs numbers on their clocks? Instructions here.

ID: 1883699

2. Trashcan


OR an even better recycling bin, because you know, you’re recycling the materials. See the tutorial here.

ID: 1883731

3. Envelopes

White envelopes are just sooo boring. Directions here.

ID: 1886083

4. 3D Butterfly Art


More ideas and tutorial here.

ID: 1883758

5. Subscription Card Bracelet

Time Out NY /

Hey, subscription inserts have to have their use too. Learn how to make this bangle here.

ID: 1883781

6. Award Ribbons

Because you’re #1! (In the crafting world, that is.) Click here for directions.

ID: 1888825

7. Mini Basket


That underwater basket weaving class is coming in handy. Instructions here.

ID: 1883806

8. Wallpaper

From artist Andrea Zittel.

ID: 1888747

9. Notebooks


Cool journal, bro. Additional steps here.

ID: 1883845

10. Pop Art

Make your janky apartment fancy with this eye-catching project.

ID: 1883902

11. Origami Bows


These will make any gift pop! Perfect your bow here.

ID: 1883925

12. Hanging Triangle Banner


Get your party started the right way with this banner.

ID: 1883994

13. Cutout Art

WALL-E!!! Directions here.

ID: 1884084

14. Newspaper Dress

NEW TREND??? Instructions here.

ID: 1885933

15. Sculptures

Caroline Williamson /

You better get started…

This piece is by artist Yun-Woo Choi, and you can view more of the collection here.

ID: 1888613

16. Placemats

Tutorial here.

ID: 1884123

17. Suitcase Pattern


Don’t buy a new duffel Ever. Again. Step-by-step guide here.

ID: 1884156

18. Wedding Bouquet

A cheap, but creative arrangement for the DIY bride. Check it out here.

ID: 1886012

19. Silhouettes


Forget the bear, you need to make one of your cat, ASAP. Click here for directions.

ID: 1884944

20. Side Tables


For the “I’m too lazy to get real tables” part of you. Furnish your home with this tutorial.

ID: 1884979

21. News Nails

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, any drinking alcohol like vodka and whiskey will work. Simple steps here.

ID: 1885945

22. Enhanced Leaves


Nature meets journalism. Follow these instructions.

ID: 1885988

23. Frames


Directions here.

ID: 1885275

24. Confetti Magazine Bowls

Can I put cereal in this bowl?

ID: 1885291

25. Wreaths


This craft is proven to get more knocks on your door.

ID: 1885316

26. Gift Bags


Click here for the bag on the left and here for the right.

ID: 1886044

28. Decoupaged Chairs


For more pictures click here.

Check out the comments on this post for simple instructions.

ID: 1885534

29. Hair Bow

So. Cute. See the tutorial here.

ID: 1887294

30. Small Bags


Perfect for little knickknacks. Tutorial here.

ID: 1885589

31. Garland

Directions here.

ID: 1885966

32. Trivet

A trivet protects the countertop from hot pans and dishes — so why not make this cute one?

ID: 1885611

33. Soil Pots


The inexpensive way to grow plants from scratch.

ID: 1886066

34. Beads

People won’t even know these beads are made from paper.

ID: 1888576

35. Sailor Hats

Lisa Stout Photography /

DUH. Make a classic with this step-by-step guide.

ID: 1888865

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