11 Little Dogs That Are Bigger Than Life

Size certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to these little guys. They may look small, but in their minds, they’re bigger than a Great Dane. Reward your dog for his bravery with Cesar Savory Delights.

1. This dog that decided he didn’t care if anyone was watching anymore.

ID: 2366050

2. This dog that thinks — nay, KNOWS — that he can skate harder than any big dog.

ID: 2366054

3. This dog that’s getting over his fear of mimicking scenes from The Lion King.

ID: 2366059

4. This dog that doesn’t care how small you think he is, size doesn’t matter.

ID: 2366058

5. This dog that thought this tortoise was a monster, but he was actually a new friend (and a sick ride).

ID: 2366064

6. This dog that was hungry enough to feast in the face of certain danger.

ID: 2366048

7. This dog that WILL get his ball back, even if he has to deal with that super-annoying noise.

ID: 2366075

8. These dogs that were going to fight but decided to kiss instead.

ID: 2366081

9. This dog that had the gall to measure himself against that really big, weird-looking dog.

ID: 2366082

10. This dog that is NOT going to let those snakes get away with this.

ID: 2366085

11. And this dog that’s finally built up his courage to show you his love.

ID: 2366090

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