A Love Letter To Dogs

We can’t hold it in any longer. But while it’s one thing to tell our dogs we love them, we like to show them, too! Give back to your bundle of joy with new Cesar Savory Delights.

Dear dogs, there’s something we’ve been meaning to tell you.

ID: 2317216

Are you all ears?

Good. Here goes…

ID: 2318167

1. We don’t want to make things awkward, but: You’re cute.

ID: 2317214

2. Like, really cute.

Maybe the cutest. Probably the cutest.

ID: 2318212

3. With your big wet noses…

ID: 2317523

4. …and soft bellies.

ID: 2318333

5. Let’s not beat around the bush — even your furry little butts are adorable.

ID: 2317539

6. You’re also really smart and good at everything you do.

ID: 2317317

7. But your main talent is cuddling.

ID: 2317546

8. Your unshakable enthusiasm is contagious.

ID: 2317224

9. And you’re always teaching us how to make the most out of a bad situation.

ID: 2317110

10. You possess a mother’s patience…

ID: 2318836

11. …a knight’s bravery…

ID: 2318808

12. …and the perseverance of a professional athlete.

ID: 2318821

13. Not to mention unwavering loyalty.

ID: 2319337

14. Our safety and happiness are all you care about.

ID: 2317494

15. (Besides food.)

ID: 2319367

16. And you have this strange way of sensing when we’re down and need to be comforted.

ID: 2317640

17. Your affection is blind to age, size…

ID: 2317324

18. …and even species.

ID: 2317762

19. We love you, dogs. We couldn’t live without you.

Yours always,

Humans xoxo

ID: 2317498

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