‘Glee’ Rips Off Jonathan Coulton’s Cover Of ‘Baby Got Back’ And His Fans Respond

The hit Fox TV show Glee apparently is using indie musician Jonathan Coulton’s arrangement for his 2005 cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 single, “Baby Got Back,” without giving Jonathan any credit for his work. Glee has been guilty of doing this before. JoCo was alerted by a fan and then tweeted and blogged about the similarities. Within hours a comparison video was made, and #WhoIsJohnnyC and #BackGate have become trending topics on Twitter, as well as the news spreading on Reddit. One fan even proved that Glee’s music producers used Coulton’s own recording to make the cover. Well played, Internet, well played.

UPDATE: and now point to Coulton’s blog post, thanks to Brian Kelly.

3. ‘Glee’ / Jonathan Coulton ‘Baby Got Back’Comparison Video

Jonathan Coulton’s 2005 cover of “Baby Got Back.”

The plagiarized ‘Glee’ version of “Baby Got Back.”

The executives at Glee are accused of stealing intellectual property. How do they react?

Hitler finds out that the cast of Glee have copied ‘Baby Got Back’ by JoCo.

8. This is how it’s done, Glee.

Jonathan Coulton with Paul & Storm - ‘Baby Got Back’ (from the live album ‘Best. Concert. Ever.’)

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