Some Things That Might Indicate That You Are Russian Or Lived In Russia At Some Point In Your Life

Vodka. And a couple other lesser indicators.

1. When you think “salad” you think of something containing actual vegetables

Let us forget about lettuce

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2. Ron Swanson understands

Because Ron Swanson is awesome

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3. You eat bread with everything.

And when there isn’t bread available, the whole meal feels incomplete somehow.

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4. Same goes for tea.

You have it before, during and after every meal. Right when you wake up and right before going to bed. And then a couple other times throughout the day.

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5. In fact, you will go to great lengths to make sure you can have some tea

Boiled water is boiled water

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6. However, sometimes you also crave some Kvas

Especially on really hot days

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7. You love lace curtains

Or at least grew up with them around the house

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8. You have (or at some point lived in a house with) rugs on the walls

Decoration and insulation!

ID: 1821466

9. You would rather take the stairs than the elevator

Except at night. Going up/down an empty stairwell in the dark? I think I’ll take my chances with the elevator.

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10. You’ve learnt all your bargaining skills from old grandmas on the streets and at bazaar

Now how about that raise?

ID: 1821586

11. You’ve spent your childhood exploring abandoned buildings and structures

Because they were pretty much all over the place

ID: 1821589

12. You’ve been playing cards since before you can remember

You always have a deck not too far away and you think that the Russian versions of BS, War, Go Fish, etc are wayyy better than any other ones.

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13. You’ve learnt the hard way to stay as far away as possible from this plant

“The hard way” especially if you had loving siblings.

ID: 1821598

14. Drying clothes in the dryer? Hahahah haha ha…

You’re lucky if you didn’t have to do the washing by hand

ID: 1821605

15. Flowers for your teacher on the first day of school is a must

Because they will have to deal with you and your friends for the rest of the year.

ID: 1821626

16. You’ve had to deal with little kids you don’t know soak you with water from head to toe on Den’ Ivana Kupala. Though to be fair, you always got them back.

You’re older and you’ve had more years of experience.

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17. Recycling?

This counts, right?

ID: 1821470

18. But actually, you totally recycle!

Or rather your mom/grandma reuses old plastic bags like it’s her job

ID: 1821477

19. You’re also not above “recycling” tea bags.

I’m sure I’m gonna want a second cup of tea when I’m done with this one.

ID: 1821482

20. You’ve gone mushroom picking and then made some questionable looking soup out of them.

At least you know you’d survive if you were stranded in the woods

ID: 1821505

21. Speaking of questionable foods, goat milk anyone?

ID: 1821509

22. But the cakes, candy, ice cream, pastries, etc.?

ID: 1821516

23. Actually, food in general

ID: 1821531

24. And especially your grandma’s cooking!

Who’s only goal in life is to make sure you are nice and plump

ID: 1821534

25. You’ve spent countless hours toiling on your Dacha

“Being one with nature” in a whole different light

ID: 1821541

26. But the rewards are WELL worth it!

The most delicious fruits/vegetables ever. And a lot of them.

ID: 1821543

27. Someone in your family is a pro at making all kinds of jam and pickling just about anything

Eh, just pour a ton of sugar in there and it should be fine!

ID: 1821568

28. Which results in your fridge always being full of various jars

Jars, vodka, and leftovers. That’s pretty much it.

ID: 1821570

29. And if your fridge isn’t big enough for all those jars, the overflow goes in your Pogreb


ID: 1821574

30. And of course going back to the basics

Because vodka.

ID: 1821634

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