8 Sci-Fi Gadgets Becoming Reality

Muscle-toned vigilantes have all the cool tech toys these days, but many of the fantastic creations from the most famous summer movie franchises turn into real gadgets and tech.

1. Movie Tech: Total Recall’s Robotaxi

Real Tech: 2GetThere robotaxis used in Masdar City, United Arab Emirates

2. Movie Tech: The Avengers’s Holographic Displays

Real Tech: Head-up display on windshields

3. Movie Tech: Prometheus’s Real-Time Mapping Orb

Real Tech: Google Street View handheld for local mapping

4. Movie Tech: Minority Report’s Face Scanner

Real Tech: Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

5. Movie Tech: Red Planet’s Flexible Display

Real Tech: Corning Willow Glass

6. Movie Tech: Star Trek’s Replicator

Real Tech: HP DesignJet 3D Printer

7. Movie Tech: Iron Man’s Exoskeleton

Real Tech: RB3D Hercule

8. Movie Tech: The Dark Knight Rises’s Aircraft, the Bat

Real Tech: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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