24 Signs You’re Actually Beavis

Thinking sucks. Walking sucks. Work sucks.

1. You can drink two sodas at a time.

2. You’re still learning how to do laundry.

3. You regularly piss off your friends…

4. …but sometimes they’re nice to you.

5. You’re good at trick or treating…

6. …and you can twerk.

7. You can’t hide your feelings.

8. You’re bad at sports…

9. …and you hate talking on the phone.

10. When you like a word, you say it over and over again.

11. You have a really smart best friend…

13. …who is funny too.

14. You know what’s cool…

15. …and you know what sucks.

17. You’re curious.

18. Too much television makes you sleepy…

19. …and too much candy makes you crazy.

20. You could be good at a job…

21. …but you’d probably get bored.

22. You know how to react to threats…

23. …and you’re never afraid to ask questions.

24. You know how to have fun on long bus rides.

25. You can’t wait to get older…

26. …because hopefully by then you will have scored.

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