11 Celebrities And Their Spirit Dogs

Inspired by a recent episode of Parks and Recreation.

Brad Pitt = Golden Retriever

Classic. Regal. Family oriented.

2. Betty White = Maltese

Gentle and fearless.

4. Bradley Cooper = Siberian Husky

Strong. Athletic. Those eyes!

6. Lindsay Lohan = Chinese Crested

8. Kim Kardashian = Shih Tzu

High maintenance. Whines a lot.

10. Christopher Walken = Boston Terrier

“American Gentleman.” Also loves cats!

12. Bill Cosby = Saint Bernard

A family favorite. Just looks cozy!

14. Kanye West = Chow Chow

Aggressive. Doesn’t get along well with others. May bite your head off. Affectionate to a few select creatures (Kim).

16. Mel Gibson = Komondor

You’re just like, WTF?

18. DMX = Corgi

20. Nicolas Cage = The Token Cat

Not sure which one the internet is more obsessed with.

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