15 Items To Help You Deal With "Breaking Bad" Withdrawal

At least these will help ease the pain and remind you of all the good times y’all had together.

1. Yeah Science Bitches! Necklace

Never forget that the entire point of Breaking Bad was to get Jesse to learn Chemistry

ID: 1772148

2. Better Call Saul! Sweatshirt

To keep you warm on Sunday’s when your soul has grown cold because there are no more new Breaking Bad episodes.

ID: 1771982

3. Yeah Bitch, Magnets!

So many levels to this gift. You’ll be dissecting it for days. Just like every single Breaking Bad Episode.

ID: 1772059

4. Walter White’s Face Shirt

Whenever you get too sad thinking of how you can never again watch a new episode, just look down to your shirt and be reassured that Walter White is with you….and then proceed to marathon the shit out of it on Netflix.

ID: 1772037

5. The Crystal Ship Brooch.

Never forget the memories made here….and the meth, Lots and Lots of Meth.

ID: 1772168

6. Heisenberg Pillow

Who doesn’t want to snuggle up to a megalomaniac drug lord at the end of a long day?

ID: 1772002

7. Bitch Saucer

Even when you’re drinking your tea with lots of Stevia, you’ll always have Jesse’s catchphrase in your head.

ID: 1772020

8. Happy Birthday Bitch! Card

Now you can spread the gospel of Breaking Bad to all you encounter ever.

ID: 1771963

9. Heisenberg Shirt

The Quintessential Shirt. The hat, the glasses, the facial hair. All there, all for you.

ID: 1771991

10. Blue Crystals Necklace

Take a piece of that blue sky crystal meth with you everywhere…close to your heart. Just like Breaking Bad.

ID: 1772073

11. I am the Danger Crosstitch

This should honestly be the subtitle of the show. I am the Dangerous show that you will get seriously addicted to.

ID: 1772083

12. What would Heisenberg do?

Start every morning off right with this question and reminder that Breaking Bad existed and is beautiful.

ID: 1772124

13. Heisenberg Earrings

Subtle and Hidden in Plain Sight, just like him. He would want it this way.

ID: 1772125

14. Breaking Bad USB Drive

Think of the beauty of saving your chemistry work on this. Or your Walt/Hank Fanfiction. Whatever, I”m not here to judge you.

ID: 1772136

15. I am the Danger BANNER


ID: 1772120

16. Goodbyesenberg Shirt

Gone but not forgotten. Thanks Breaking Bad, for the memories.

ID: 1771079

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