Turkish Oil Wrestling Is A Totally Legit Sport

No, seriously, it’s the national sport of Turkey.

1. So, the premise of oil wrestling is this: first, get greased up with olive oil.

ID: 956094

2. You need lots of oil.

ID: 956199

3. This man may or may not be oiled enough.

ID: 956087

4. This man looks suitably oiled.

ID: 956115

5. Grab a friend.

ID: 956093

6. Join a team.

ID: 956097

7. And then start wrestling.

ID: 956101

8. Yep. Wrestling.

ID: 956189

9. The goal is to get a hold on your opponent’s kisbet, or specially made pants.

ID: 956090

10. Seriously. The most effective way to win is to shove your arm down another man’s pants.

ID: 956105

11. It’s actual wrestling. See?

ID: 956141

12. Good lord.

ID: 956202

13. It just ends like this.

ID: 956136

14. Or this.

ID: 956119

15. Sometimes winning looks like this.

ID: 956193

16. And sometimes it looks like this.

ID: 956195

17. Yay! You won!

ID: 956207

18. But wrestlers don’t hold grudges.

ID: 956196

19. Opponents can still be friends.

ID: 956225

20. So, thank you, Turkish oil wrestlers, for existing.

ID: 956121


ID: 956123

22. P.S. here’s a GIF!

It’s rubbable. You’re welcome.

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