This Is Bahrain’s Top Model And He Is Fabulous

Say “hello” to Alee Alamm, a.k.a. your new obsession.

1. Meet Alee Alamm.

ID: 1342148

2. He’s one of the top models in Bahrain.

ID: 1342151

3. It’s pretty clear why. JUST LOOK AT HIM!

ID: 1342154

4. (No, really, he’s gorgeous.)

ID: 1342171

5. I mean, his face is basically angelic.

ID: 1342153

6. Alee is gentle…

ID: 1342152

7. …yet manly.

ID: 1342170

8. Playful…

ID: 1342174

9. …but serious, too.

ID: 1342309

10. So beautiful. So peaceful. I’m so jealous of that pillow.

ID: 1342339

11. How can you not love this face (and everything else about him)?

ID: 1342173

12. He’s basically flawless and he knows it.

ID: 1342172

13. Alee can text me any time.

ID: 1342325

14. Love you, Alee. <3

ID: 1342345

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