12 Amazing K-Pop Songs From 2012

The breakout hit “Gangnam Style” drew a lot of attention to K-Pop this year, but it wasn’t the only awesome song to come out of South Korea. Here are 11 hits you may have missed, and one you probably didn’t.

12. SISTAR, “Alone”

ID: 734484

11. Wonder Girls, “Like This”

ID: 734485

10. G-DRAGON, “Crayon”

ID: 742594

9. 에프엑스, “Electric Shock”

ID: 734493

8. SHINee, “Sherlock”

ID: 734505

7. Super Junior, “Sexy, Free & Single”

ID: 734497

6. G-DRAGON, “One Of A Kind”

ID: 734526

5. Girls’ Generation, “TTS Twinkle”

ID: 734517

4. Sunny Hill, “The Grasshopper Song”

ID: 737660

3. HyunA, “Ice Cream”

ID: 742602

2. Big Bang, “Fantastic Baby”

ID: 734530

1. PSY, “Gangnam Style”

ID: 742588

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