Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery On Their Hands For Their Engagement Ring Selfies

As if those #PutARingOnIt photos weren’t bad enough already.

1. Apparently women getting plastic surgery on their hands – a procedure known as “hand-lifts” – for their engagement ring selfies is now a thing. Yay women!

The procedure is basically described as Botox for the hands, and involves injections of Juvederm. According to Cosmo, it takes 10 minutes and costs around £700.

2. The procedure isn’t exactly new, as women have been “de-veining” their hands for years, but social media has apparently increased the number of brides-to-be having it done, thanks to the trend of taking photos like this to announce their engagement:

New York dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad told Elle: “Social media has certainly led people to be more concerned about their appearance and how they present themselves, so if women can receive a quick procedure to make themselves feel better and younger, it’s something that they are willing to do.”

3. According to Dr. Ostad the sales of hand-lifts have gone up 40% since the “rise of social media”, but those who are not keen on the procedure have some intense feelings about it.

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