The Armed Teenagers Who Broke Into A Denver Middle School Are In Custody

Two male teenagers with guns broke into Noel Middle School in Denver early Tuesday morning. Denver Police have reported that both suspects are now in custody. posted on

Updated – Nov. 5, 7:09 a.m., ET

The two armed suspects who broke into a middle school in Denver overnight are now in custody.

Both male suspects are said to be 15-years-old, and reportedly broke into Noel Middle School around midnight. Denver Police were alerted after two janitors in the school first noticed the break-in.

Police were unsure of the exact firearms they were carrying at the time of the break-in, and SWAT teams were on the scene. The bomb squad was also called in as a precaution as it’s believed the suspects were wearing backpacks.

According to Denver Police’s Twitter feed, all staff were quickly evacuated and police assured the media that there wasn’t anyone in danger inside the school.

Denver Police activated a reverse 9-1-1 and advised those in neighboring areas to remain indoors, but did not issue an evacuation of the area.

After the suspects were arrested, police did a thorough sweep of the school, and found the assault rifles and what they’ve described as being “more than likely B.B. guns” that the two suspects had stashed inside prior to their arrest. Police have also revealed the suspects ransacked many of the classrooms in the school.

Denver police say both suspects are 15 years old. Many rooms in the school ransacked

Police helicopters were seen above the school:

.@DenverPolice are lighting up roof with airborne help at Noel Middle School. Using Air1 for help in the dark.

Denver police helicopter helps spotlight school where two armed men have reportedly broken in: h/t @DenverChannel

The police apparently used the school’s P.A. system to talk to the men:

2 armed men inside Noel school being talked to by @DenverPolice via the school's PA system. One-way communication. Helicopter lighting roof.

BREAKING: DPS security noticed 2 teens inside with "long rifles" and backpacks. @DenverPolice talking 2 them over PA

The bomb squad was at the scene:

Bomb squad on scene because two armed men who have broke into the Denver middle school may have been planting "devices."

.@DenverPolice seem to be in standby at Noel Middle School in #Denver. Bomb Squad, SWAT & Air 1 still on scene.

Police did not evacuate the area, but advised people to stay indoors:

NOW: 2 suspects still inside. NO evacuations to surrounding neighborhoods around Noel Middle, but told to stay indoors. -@Dougherty7NEWS

#BREAKING: Reverse 911 completed for surrounding neighborhood. No evacuations have taken place.

An ambulance later appeared outside the school:

Denver Police asked the media to not reveal their exact movements and location at the school:

BREAKING: Please do not talk about troop movement or equipment being used at this time. Thanks. #NoelMS

Others made sure the journalists knew that the suspects were probably on Twitter:

It is still unclear if the school will be open today:

Denver police confirm situation is ongoing no suspects apprehended. Unclear if school will be open today. Safety is primary concern

Police briefed the media, confirming there are two suspects inside the school, right before it was announced they were in custody:

RT @KellyCBS4 "Time is on our side, we don't want to rush this...want a peaceful resolution." - @DenverPolice say of #NoelMS lockdown.

.@DenverPolice appear to be cleaning up their SWAT gear at the south entrance to Noel Middle School in #Denver.

Watch the Chief of Denver Police Robert White brief the media:

Denver Police have now found the weapons inside the school:

BREAKING: DPD has found the weapons brought in the school. What appears to be assault rifles are more than likely BB guns. #NoelMS

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