This Single Woman Is Rebelling Against Marriage – With A Family Of Mannequins

Artist Suzanne Heintz’s project “A Life Once Removed” is a statement against traditional family life and marriage, with added mannequins.

1. Artist Suzanne Heintz got so tired of people asking her why she wasn’t married yet, that she decided to make the ultimate statement about her supposed “spinsterhood” through an art project called “Life Once Removed.”

Suzanne Heintz

Heintz says that she “got tired of hearing” about her single status, saying “It’s not like I can go out and buy a family! I can’t just make it happen!’”

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2. However, Heintz did find a way to just “make” the idea of marriage and family happen: with mannequins.

Suzanne Heintz
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3. What started out as a “series of holiday greetings, as a satirical response to annual family photo cards” then turned into the “Life Once Removed” project – photos of Suzanne with her mannequin husband and daughter.

Suzanne Heintz
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4. Heintz says the aim of “Life Once Removed” is to “get people to reconsider their stubborn allegiance to traditional life expectations.”

Suzanne Heintz

Heintz hopes to achieve this through a combination of photos and videos depicting different scenarios.

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5. Here’s Suzanne with her husband at a Valentine’s Day ball.

Suzanne Heintz / Via
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Suzanne Heintz
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8. And here’s the entire family on holiday in Paris.

Suzanne Heintz
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Suzanne Heintz
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Suzanne Heintz
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Suzanne Heintz
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12. Heintz says working in public with her family is a “peculiar and funny thing to witness” but that “people are immediately disarmed.”

Suzanne Heintz
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13. Suzanne has also depicted her family at home, in the most mundane, domestic situations.

Suzanne Heintz
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Suzanne Heintz
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15. Heintz says for women “the path to fulfillment is not through one thing, it’s through all things; Education, Career, Home, Family, Accomplishment, Enlightenment.”

Suzanne Heintz

“If any one of those things is left out, it’s often perceived that there’s something wrong with your life. We are somehow never enough, just as we are.”

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