The Ukrainian Medic Who Tweeted She Was Dying Is Actually Alive

Olesya Zhukovska has sent her first tweet since saying she was dying, confirming that she is actually still alive. posted on

1. Olesya Zhukovska is a volunteer medic working in Independent Square in Kiev. She was thought to have been shot and killed yesterday during the city’s deadliest day of unrest yet.

2. She was reportedly shot in the neck, and was photographed bleeding and grasping her neck.

3. Reports continued to circulate of Zhukovskaya’s death after she tweeted that she was dying. Many assumed that although she lived after sending her tweet, she later bled out.

4. However, much to everyone’s joy, she tweeted today to clarify that she is alive!

Я жива! Дякую всім,хто підтримує та молиться за мене! / Я в лікарні.стан поки що стабільний!

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