The Chrome Extension That Will Get Rid Of Things You’d "Rather" Not See

The “Rather” extension can mute annoyances from your Facebook and Twitter timelines and replace them with photos of something more pleasant.

If you’re tired of hearing about Russell Brand or Breaking Bad, a new Chrome extension will help cleanse your Facebook and Twitter feed of anything you don’t want to see.

Made by the same people who built, the extension that got rid of your friends’ constant barrage of baby photos, Chrome extension Rather will “get ride of anything you’re tired of hearing about” and replace it will something that you actually like, instead.

For example, if you’re tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus, you can simply add her to your “kill list”:

You can “mute” Miley, or you can “replace” her with an RSS feed or Instagram hashtag, you’ll see this instead.

This is Miley replaced with #dogsofinstagram.

Rather also allows you to replace entire websites and platforms, like Vine or Nike+.

TechCrunch point out, however, that Rather mutes and replaces based on keywords, so if an image of Kim Kardashian doesn’t mention her name, then the photo will still turn up in your feed. Likewise, the replacement photos are based on Instagram hashtags, so if someone has tagged a photo of their selfie with “cute kitten” then that will show up in your feed, too.

You can add Rather to Chrome by visiting

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