Jennifer Lawrence Made A "Rape Joke" And A Lot Of People Are "Outraged"

A reporter allegedly overheard JLaw making a “rape joke” and wrote about it on the internet. Everyone is now mad. Allegedly.

1. A reporter for Vulture “just happened to be passing by” Jennifer Lawrence at the Vanity Fair Cannes Film Festival party, when she apparently overheard Jennifer Lawrence MAKING A RAPE JOKE.

2. She said that when Lawrence spotted director Alfonso Cuarón, she started screaming, and then told him, “I broke out my rape scream for you!”

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The reporter said Lawrence then started “shaking her head like a crazed fan, or a woman in distress, into his face”. Cuarón “seemed quite pleased”.

3. After learning of this “joke”, some people are outraged that their (sometimes) feminist hero, Jennifer Lawrence, had made a rape joke.

Or a joke about rape. Or described a scream as a “rape scream”.

4. Some have defended her:

6. For others, this has only confirmed that they don’t like her:

I KNEW I DIDNT LIKE HER FOR A REASON - Hey, Jennifer Lawrence, rape jokes aren't cool. via @holymoly

— jasmineeec (@Jasmine Cope)

jennifer lawrence made a rape joke that she's not apologising for. the last thing i needed right now was another reason to dislike her.

— deveIopments (@hayley)

8. And for some, there is NO EXCUSE and they are AS MAD AS THEY’VE EVER BEEN:

jennifer lawrence can joke about her "lack of filter" all she wants but that doesn't excuse a rape joke

— gemmadoyles (@poor salsa)


— munrofosho (@Stephie)

10. Others are more concerned about the sexist elements of the “backlash”:

So why has JLaw been bashed for privately making a rape joke, and Martin Freeman public joke was ignored? His was arguably more detrimental

— SkeletorKat (@Gooble Gobble)

11. Many outraged journalists are demanding Lawrence apologise, citing the other problematic things she’s done in the past.


As a writer at Bustle wrote, “This time, J. Law needs to sack up and apologize for her off-hand and off-color comment. Just because she’s the most GIF-able celebrity of the moment doesn’t earn her a free pass to make light of something so painful. Candor is one thing; ignorance is another.”

12. Perez Hilton even did a poll to measure just how outraged people were.

Except 69% of the site’s 9,000-plus pollsters thought it wasn’t a big deal.

Perhaps — just perhaps — a rape joke supposedly overheard by a reporter isn’t quite enough to whip up a full-on, proper Twitterstorm.

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