Suicide Car Bomb Hits Defense Ministry In Yemen

The blast has reportedly killed at least 52 people. Yemen’s al-Qaida branch has taken responsibility for the attack.

1. Updated – Dec. 6, 1:45 a.m., ET

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Smoke rises from the Defense Ministry’s compound after an attack, in Sanaa on Dec. 5, 2013.

Officials in Yemen have reported that an attack on the Defense Ministry compound in Sanaa was a suicide car bomb. It’s reported that 52 people have died, with a total of about 20 injuries. Yemen’s al-Qaida branch has taken responsibility for the attack.

The Associated Press reports a car full of gunmen dressed in Yemeni army uniforms arrived at the scene immediately after the blast and engaged in a gunfight with troops in an apparent attempt to take over the complex. It’s reported that 12 gunmen were killed.

3. An eyewitness told Reuters of the blast:

The explosion was very violent, the whole place shook because of it and plumes of smoke rose from the building.

4. Smoke can be seen from the neighborhoods surrounding the compound.

RT@alabjani_21 photo of smoke rising from the Yemeni defence ministry in sana #yemen

— nasseratta5 (@Nasser Atta)

#Yémen : photo de l'explosion provoquພ par l'attentat suicide qui a visé le ministère de la dnse à #Sanaa.

— RomainCaillet (@Romain Caillet)

8. This unconfirmed photo appears to show the scene outside of the ministry.

Attentat suicide contre le ministère de la Dnse au Yemen-->

— Jawhara_FM (@Radio Jawhara FM)

9. There are also reports of road closures in the area.

Roads are blocked from and to Bab Al #Yemen area. High tension and massive security deployment.

— yemen_updates (@Yemen Updates)

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