Theo James May Actually Be A Mythological God

If Queen Elizabeth and Zeus mated, this is what it would look like. Meet the perfect British-Greek hybrid.

1. This is a real, live man and not an ancient, chiseled statue.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images
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2. Being born Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis proves there are not enough names to contain his sexiness.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 1451231

3. You may remember him as charming Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk on Downton Abbey.


Totally worth it, though.

ID: 1448689

4. Or the recent star of the short-lived CBS series Golden God, er, Golden Boy.

ID: 1448886

5. And now Divergent fans everywhere are rejoicing because this prized man specimen will be playing the character Four in the the film series.

Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Here he is at Comic-Con, mixing with mere mortals.

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6. Even Shailene Woodley can’t believe how handsome he is… She wants the whole world to see that smile!

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
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ID: 1451667

8. He majored in philosophy at Mount Olympus.*

Via Bello Magazine

*OK, it was actually the University of Nottingham.

ID: 1451407

9. He also sings and plays the guitar just to test the strength of your human heart.

ID: 1452041

10. Here he is taking a bath with lavender salts and listening to Sarah McLachlan.

ID: 1452135

11. Here he’s arguing why Harry Styles is the best member of One Direction.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

He would be RIGHT.

ID: 1452982

12. Here he is trying to look tough, but we know those arms are meant only for long, thoughtful hugs.

Definitely a big spoon.

ID: 1453071

13. Black & white photo = HE IS A SERIOUS F***ING ACTOR

  / Via Imdb.com
ID: 1453121

14. Pastels don’t frighten this Adonis.

Via Bello Magazine
ID: 1452156

15. He is a bona fide stone cold fox. Again, not a statue.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

ID: 1452268

16. In conclusion, the world is a better place with this beautiful immortal in our presence.

ID: 1452342

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