Top 13 Disney Moments That Literally Rip Your Heart Out

Okay, figuratively. Grab some tissues, here are some of the most heartbreaking classic Disney scenes.

13. I’ll Always Be With You - Winnie The Pooh

12. When Somebody Loved Me - Toy Story 2

11. Coral’s Death - Finding Nemo

10. Baby Mine - Dumbo

9. The 2nd Sunrise - Brave

8. Ray’s Death - The Princess And The Frog

7. Bad Guy - Wreck-It Ralph

6. Bambi’s Mom Dies - Bambi

5. Widow Tweed Leaves Tod - The Fox and the Hound

4. Carl And Ellie’s Love Story - Up

3. Kitty Has To Go - Monsters Inc.

2. Andy Gives His Toys Away - Toy Story 3

1. Mufasa’s Death - The Lion King

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