22 Naughty Things The Elf On A Shelf Is Doing While You’re Not Home

Definitely on the naughty list.

While you’re at work you expect your Elf to be behaving at home…


ID: 2089341

1. Here’s what he’s really doing…

ID: 2089296

2. Real cute, Elf.

ID: 2089352

3. Ha Ha… Very funny.

ID: 2089307

4. Alright, enough with the pranks.

ID: 2089343

5. C’mon. That’s just gross.

ID: 2089280


ID: 2089320

7. Wait… Are you throwing a party?!

ID: 2089346

8. How did you affor — OH MY GOD.

ID: 2089265

9. I expected more from Spiderman.

ID: 2089298

10. In the kitchen?! Really??? We eat there!

ID: 2089311

11. How classy.

ID: 2089371

12. Gross! Get out of my bed!

ID: 2089301

13. ELF! This is getting out of hand.

ID: 2089269

14. Not Barbie!

ID: 2089281

15. What are you doing with a knife?

ID: 2089314

16. What kind of party is this?!

ID: 2089270

17. What the… Let Snow White go!

ID: 2089323


Dexter Elf?!

ID: 2089303

19. How could you!

ID: 2089279

20. Thank goodness for the action figures…

ID: 2089299

21. See you later, Elf.

ID: 2089278

22. Elf in 30 years to life.

ID: 2089327

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