Expectations VS Reality: Cell Phone Pictures

Let’s face it, cell phone pictures never quite turn out the way we want them to. Check out some of the most common cell phone pic disappointments and discover the power of the shot with the Canon PowerShot camera. Then use our Canon photo-strip tool to upload your favorite pics. See how you stack up to other BuzzFeed users and share them with your friends.

1. When you’re documenting your cat’s cuteness

2. When you’re taking pictures at a concert

3. When you’re taking a self-portrait

4. When you’re capturing your awesome meal

5. When your friends are having a dance off

6. When you’re on vacation at the beach

7. When you’re taking in the beautiful city skyline

8. When you’re celebrating your birthday in style

9. When you’re taking pictures from a plane

10. When you’re grilling burgers with your friends

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