15 Pictures You Shouldn’t Shoot With Your Cell Phone

You can take a picture of just about anything with a cell phone, but the odds of it turning out as well as it would with a real camera are pretty slim. Check out some awesome pictures you could never capture with a phone and discover the power of the shot with the Canon PowerShot camera. Then use our Canon photo-strip tool to upload your favorite pics. See how you stack up to other BuzzFeed users and share them with your friends.

1. This dog doing his best to walk on water

2. This prickly picture of a bunch of little cacti

3. This rad action shot of a dude flying with his bike

4. This stunning shot of a green sand beach

5. This tender moment between a mommy spider and a baby spider

6. This sweet shot of a little tot running down the wooded path

7. This beautiful shot of London’s left bank reflected inside of a bubble

8. This adorable high speed chase between two snowy dogs

9. This perfectly-timed souvenir of the best fourth of july

10. These two underwater buddies chilling on a sea cucumber

11. This magical shot of the Island of Boracay at dusk

12. This wide angle shot of a canine friend’s wet nose

13. This appetizing shot of old fashion hard candies

14. This light painting of an angelic aparition

15. This refreshing shot of a kid cooling off in a swimming pool

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