18 Things That Always Happen When Your Parents Are In Sales

Always. Be. Closing.

1. The ABCs means something completely different to you.

New Line Cinema
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2. Because your parents are such talented talkers, you can successfully hold a conversation with anyone without asking about the weather.

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3. You know that if something’s not put in writing, it never happened.

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4. Your parents are so good at following up on leads that they are basically detectives.

Working Title Films / Via headoverfeels.com
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5. Your personal essay for college was flawless.

Nickelodeon / Via koreanjohn.tumblr.com
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6. You know how to nail a persuasive speech for public speaking, no matter the subject.

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7. When you go on interviews, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is more or less your gospel.

Mmn, when I told our asst @DiandraGiGi to dress for the job you want, I didn't mean MY job...#allabouteve

— joanna coles (@JoannaColes)
ID: 3550534

8. After every interview, you bet your ass that your perspective employer has a followup email or handwritten note from you in his or her inbox…

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9. … Along with a phone call within a 48 hours of your interview.

FOX / Via spoilertv.com
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10. You basically know Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross by heart, whether you want to or not.

20th Century Fox / Via thefilmfatale.me

Oh great, it’s on HBO… again.

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11. You had the perfect sales pitch for Girl Scout Cookies or Boy Scout Popcorn.

Here we are @gscentralmd for the 1st day of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale!

— TheSEEDSchoolMD (@TheSEEDSchoolMD)
ID: 3550593

12. When the school-wide fundraising competition rolled around, losing was not an option.

Cam's 68$ in ones he got for selling magazines at school #stacks

— Paxton Cochran (@Paxtoncochran)
ID: 3550508

13. Every time you see the cold calling scene in Wolf of Wall Street, you can’t help but think of your childhood.

Paramount Pictures
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14. You can see through bullshit and read anyone like a book.

ID: 3548655

15. You know a business card should be on you at all times.

Lions Gate Films / Via 1851project.com
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16. Almost everything is open to negotiation.

Paramount Pictures / Via cdandrews.com

Persistence and determination are your way of life.

ID: 3548171

17. It takes a lot for you to trust people.

Universal Pictures / Via karamigo.tumblr.com

Because everyone’s always trying to sell something.

ID: 3548679

18. You have very little patience for passive behavior, and have learned the art of being blunt.

ID: 3550121

But no matter how hard they pushed, you know that you turned out well because your parents always finish everything they start.

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