18 Things That Always Happen When Your Parents Are In Sales

Always. Be. Closing.

1. The ABCs means something completely different to you.

New Line Cinema

2. Because your parents are such talented talkers, you can successfully hold a conversation with anyone without asking about the weather.

4. Your parents are so good at following up on leads that they are basically detectives.

Working Title Films / Via headoverfeels.com

5. Your personal essay for college was flawless.

Nickelodeon / Via koreanjohn.tumblr.com

6. You know how to nail a persuasive speech for public speaking, no matter the subject.


8. After every interview, you bet your ass that your perspective employer has a followup email or handwritten note from you in his or her inbox…

9. … Along with a phone call within a 48 hours of your interview.

FOX / Via spoilertv.com

10. You basically know Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross by heart, whether you want to or not.

20th Century Fox / Via thefilmfatale.me

Oh great, it’s on HBO… again.

13. Every time you see the cold calling scene in Wolf of Wall Street, you can’t help but think of your childhood.

Paramount Pictures

14. You can see through bullshit and read anyone like a book.

15. You know a business card should be on you at all times.

Lions Gate Films / Via 1851project.com

16. Almost everything is open to negotiation.

Paramount Pictures / Via cdandrews.com

Persistence and determination are your way of life.

17. It takes a lot for you to trust people.

Universal Pictures / Via karamigo.tumblr.com

Because everyone’s always trying to sell something.

18. You have very little patience for passive behavior, and have learned the art of being blunt.

But no matter how hard they pushed, you know that you turned out well because your parents always finish everything they start.

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