19 Ways You And Your Roommate Are An Old Couple

23 going on 80 over here.

1. Your idea of a Friday night is having a glass of wine and watching Dateline.

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2. You go on tirades about how you don’t understand teens these days.

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3. You DGAF about looking, feeling, acting, or being cool… ever.

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4. You have an apartment cat or equally lazy pet.

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5. You sometimes argue over how to use technology correctly.

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6. Comfortable silences are embraced.

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7. Complaining about the neighbors is a regular thing.

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8. Every conversation is without filter.

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9. Not going to bed at the same time (early), throws off your routine.

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10. People watching has become one of your favorite hobbies.

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11. You watch the morning shows every day, and your favorite part is the Smucker’s jar.

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12. You go on walks, not runs, for exercise.

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13. You have at least one bowl of candy in your apartment. Bonus if it’s Werther’s.

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14. You’ve seen each other fall asleep in front of the TV countless times.

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15. You barely notice when each other farts.

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16. You encourage each other to dress for comfort over style.

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17. You get each others’ references to old movies and shows.

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18. You reminisce about the “good old days.”

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19. You solve “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles together.

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No matter how much you bicker…

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… you still manage to make it all these years.

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