19 Ways You And Your Roommate Are An Old Couple

23 going on 80 over here.

1. Your idea of a Friday night is having a glass of wine and watching Dateline.


2. You go on tirades about how you don’t understand teens these days.

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3. You DGAF about looking, feeling, acting, or being cool… ever.

4. You have an apartment cat or equally lazy pet.

5. You sometimes argue over how to use technology correctly.

6. Comfortable silences are embraced.

7. Complaining about the neighbors is a regular thing.

8. Every conversation is without filter.

9. Not going to bed at the same time (early), throws off your routine.

10. People watching has become one of your favorite hobbies.

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11. You watch the morning shows every day, and your favorite part is the Smucker’s jar.

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12. You go on walks, not runs, for exercise.


13. You have at least one bowl of candy in your apartment. Bonus if it’s Werther’s.

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14. You’ve seen each other fall asleep in front of the TV countless times.

15. You barely notice when each other farts.

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16. You encourage each other to dress for comfort over style.


17. You get each others’ references to old movies and shows.

18. You reminisce about the “good old days.”

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19. You solve “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles together.

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No matter how much you bicker…

… you still manage to make it all these years.

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