22 Important Life Skills You Learned As A Vacation Bible School Kid

It’s like camp, but with Jesus.

1. Got a question about Jesus? You know more about his life than your own.

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2. You know exactly when to scream TOUCHDOWN during “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline.

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3. The “Pharaoh Pharaoh” dance is one of your many talents.

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4. You’re able to make a pre-32 AD costume out of anything.

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6. Because of Vacation Bible School, you are the master of themed parties.

Take a LOOK at our Wacky Wilderness Vacation Bible School supplies! It's super cute ... http://t.co/1Xx9yVJhSE

— Shindigz (@Shindigz)
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7. You know all the clever Jesus phrases out there.

In vacation bible school, we got band aids that say "Jesus Heals". This meant so much to me! ❤

— Recover with God. † (@RecoverWithGod)
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8. VBS taught you the art of crushin’.

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9. When there is a fountain flowing, you know it only matters when it’s flowing deep and wide.

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10. You have a knack for creating jazzy name tags.

Vacation bible school's version of James Avery

— Elizabeth Low (@elizabeth_loww)
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11. Because you’ve been put in horrible groups, your social skills are out of this world.

My face when I get assigned a crappy group in vacation bible school

— Devin CrashMyCarMore (@DevinAshmore)
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12. Your acting abilities stem solely from VBS storytelling.

Hahaha here is little peak into the vbs story room. LOL

— Jordan Small (@JordanLarge)
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13. It’s where you learned that there are no small parts.

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14. Presentation skills blossomed as soon as you hit the stage on talent night.

she decided to do the Dora theme song for talent night @ vbs..lol

— Miss Lainaa. (@jalainamariee)
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15. Crafting with beads comes naturally to you.

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16. Not to mention, your “God’s Eye” game is off the charts.

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17. You can spot a potential Jesus when you see ‘em.

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18. You can apply a Bible verse to any situation.

Verse the kids learned this week!!! #VBS #AgencyD3 @AllenMemorial

— Pam Kennedy (@runningnut2012)
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19. Upon meeting new people, you have a long list of icebreakers ready.

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20. You have the enviable skill of being able to wear a shirt five days in a row somehow without smelling bad.

Vacation Bible School… the only time i𠆝 be caught dead wearing the same shirt 5 days in a row.. #vbs #loveit

— Carol Schoenrock (@springwidow)
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21. If someone were to give you a stack of paper, you could make an entire set out of it.

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22. You can take a damn good group photo.

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But one thing you didn’t learn, was gaining the patience to wait a whole year to go back.

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