22 Important Life Skills You Learned As A Vacation Bible School Kid

It’s like camp, but with Jesus.

2. You know exactly when to scream TOUCHDOWN during “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline.

3. The “Pharaoh Pharaoh” dance is one of your many talents.

8. VBS taught you the art of crushin’.

9. When there is a fountain flowing, you know it only matters when it’s flowing deep and wide.

13. It’s where you learned that there are no small parts.

15. Crafting with beads comes naturally to you.

16. Not to mention, your “God’s Eye” game is off the charts.

17. You can spot a potential Jesus when you see ‘em.

19. Upon meeting new people, you have a long list of icebreakers ready.

21. If someone were to give you a stack of paper, you could make an entire set out of it.

22. You can take a damn good group photo.

But one thing you didn’t learn, was gaining the patience to wait a whole year to go back.

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