21 Situations You Can’t Avoid At A Christian College

Peace n’ blessings.

1. You encounter countless people asking when you’re going to marry your significant other…

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2. … Then face the awkwardness after you say you don’t know.

3. When you go home for break, you have to explain what “ring by spring” means.

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4. Getting asked if you want to join in a pop-up worship session.

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5. Having someone tell you they’ll “be praying for you” for the most mundane problem.

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6. The Skeptics Club getting in huge debates with students.

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7. Walking through campus after a party and unintentionally running into a devotional.

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8. Your teacher asks you to review how you grew spiritually during the course regardless of the content.

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So… this is a math class…

9. Not knowing whether someone is having a spiritual breakthrough or spiritual breakdown.

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10. Getting caught by your RA after curfew in the opposite sex’s dorm.

11. You’re asked countless times what your “vocation” is.

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12. Sometimes you’re surrounded by students walking around campus barefoot “just because.”

13. Opening your Instagram feed to every photo saying #Blessed.

14. Running around campus in a full sweat trying to get your last convocation/chapel credit.

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15. When you’re hungry and forced to stare at your food while someone’s voluntary prayer goes on for eons.

16. One of your date options being “going to try a new church.”

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17. At least one of your friends having their first sip of alcohol on their 21st birthday.

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18. Christmas is not just a holiday, it is THE HOLIDAY.

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19. You’ll be listening to really catchy music, and suddenly realize it’s contemporary Christian.

20. There will be a small minority of people that will push their beliefs on you, whether it’s extreme one way…

21. … Or the other.

No matter what the belief, your class is so small you’ll most likely know and love the majority of students before graduation.

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