23 Rookie Mistakes Recent Graduates Make

The end is nigh.

2. Or assuming a job will just come to you.

You better work.

3. Talking way too much about the single struggle.

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There’s a whole new world out there…

4. Or the “where is this relationship going” struggle.

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Do you really want to be married with two kids right now?

6. Thinking your life is over now that college is becoming a distant memory.

New Line Cinema / Via l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

Welp, I guess it’s just 80 years of sobbing from here on out.

7. Being way too picky about the job search.

Sorry, everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s rarely at the top.

8. Trying to move to a city where all your friends are going.

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But lemme ask you this: What would happen if they all jumped off a bridge?

10. Not recognizing the difference between work friendships and social friendships.

20th Century Fox / Via dontpkethebear.com


11. Refusing to face the responsibility that comes with being an adult.

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AKA cleaning, managing money, living.

13. Assuming your first job determines what your path will be for the rest of your life.

14. Letting work take over your life and bringing your exercise routine to a complete halt.

NBC / Via acidcow.com

TBH, it’s not the freshman 15, it’s the post-grad 15.

15. Partying a little too hard on a week night.

Comedy Central

It’s called work for a reason.

17. Being afraid to make friends at work.

Who knows, you might get a much-needed mentor out of it.

18. Spending too much time stalking former classmates on social media…

…because everything on there tells the whole story AMIRITE?!

19. …Then comparing your place in life to theirs, resulting in unnecessary sulking.

You’re a fucking winner.

21. Spending $3 on a latte every day rather than saving it.

Miramax Pictures / Via blog.muchmusic.com


23. Not realizing that this is the greatest time of your life.

Enjoy it.

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