23 Rookie Mistakes Recent Graduates Make

The end is nigh.

1. Assuming you need to have a job waiting for you the day after you graduate.

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2. Or assuming a job will just come to you.

You better work.

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3. Talking way too much about the single struggle.

Warner Bros. Studios / Via love90s101.tumblr.com

There’s a whole new world out there…

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4. Or the “where is this relationship going” struggle.

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Do you really want to be married with two kids right now?

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5. Thinking you’re a failure for moving back home.

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6. Thinking your life is over now that college is becoming a distant memory.

New Line Cinema / Via l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

Welp, I guess it’s just 80 years of sobbing from here on out.

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7. Being way too picky about the job search.

Sorry, everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s rarely at the top.

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8. Trying to move to a city where all your friends are going.

TriStar Pictures / Via runningoffthereeses.com

But lemme ask you this: What would happen if they all jumped off a bridge?

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9. Pretending your paycheck is twice as big as it actually is.

my main problem is that I have really expensive taste and this is my bank account

— Alex Salaices (@alexslices)
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10. Not recognizing the difference between work friendships and social friendships.

20th Century Fox / Via dontpkethebear.com


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11. Refusing to face the responsibility that comes with being an adult.

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AKA cleaning, managing money, living.

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12. Relying on takeout as your primary source of food, resulting in some weight gained.

On this new diet where all I eat is $5 Indian takeout lunch boxes made of 100% carbs.

— bmma baker (@bmma_baker)
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13. Assuming your first job determines what your path will be for the rest of your life.

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14. Letting work take over your life and bringing your exercise routine to a complete halt.

NBC / Via acidcow.com

TBH, it’s not the freshman 15, it’s the post-grad 15.

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15. Partying a little too hard on a week night.

Comedy Central

It’s called work for a reason.

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16. Dressing like you’re still in college.

oversized sweatpants at work. unacceptable... but it's happening.

— Ora. (@KateOra)
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17. Being afraid to make friends at work.

Who knows, you might get a much-needed mentor out of it.

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18. Spending too much time stalking former classmates on social media…

…because everything on there tells the whole story AMIRITE?!

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19. …Then comparing your place in life to theirs, resulting in unnecessary sulking.

You’re a fucking winner.

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20. Not learning how to cook at least three decent meals.

Make your own cheese sauce they said. It's easy they said. Think I'll stick to baking. #fail #cookingfail

— Britt Whyatt (@shewhobakes1)
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21. Spending $3 on a latte every day rather than saving it.

Miramax Pictures / Via blog.muchmusic.com


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22. Waiting to start paying off student loans until later down the road.

Best thing I've seen haha #PostGradProblems

— Michael H. Adkinson (@MikeAdki22)
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23. Not realizing that this is the greatest time of your life.

Enjoy it.

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