24 Rookie Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

Lookin’ fresh.

2. Attending every meeting possible during orientation week.

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3. Enrolling in an 8 a.m. course on Mondays.

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4. And evening courses on Fridays.

5. Struttin’ around in your high school letterman jacket.

6. Assuming the “jungle juice” isn’t that strong.

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8. Thinking an upperclassman will wait for you.

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9. Asking “Are you a freshman?” to everyone you meet.

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11. Not taking advantage of your meal plan.

12. And taking too much advantage of your meal plan.

14. Thinking you’ll be best friends with your roommate in the dorms.

16. Overestimating how much you can fit in your dorm room.

17. Spending all your financial aid money before classes even start.

20. Choosing to stay together with your high school sweetheart.

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Even though he or she is now halfway across the country…

21. Forgetting to schedule a lunch break in between your classes.

22. Feeling guilty for skipping a class.

23. Wearing dirty clothes for a week straight because you’re too lazy to make a trip to the laundry room.

It’s called Febreze.

24. And taking your freshman year way too seriously.

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