24 Rookie Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

Lookin’ fresh.

1. Proudly wearing your lanyard and ID all over campus.

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2. Attending every meeting possible during orientation week.

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3. Enrolling in an 8 a.m. course on Mondays.

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4. And evening courses on Fridays.

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5. Struttin’ around in your high school letterman jacket.

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6. Assuming the “jungle juice” isn’t that strong.

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7. Sitting in the front row on the first day of class.

Front of class wanker #teachersPet @gsepop @tonyreid3839 @pace_cliff

— Mitch (@mitch_se)
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8. Thinking an upperclassman will wait for you.

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9. Asking “Are you a freshman?” to everyone you meet.

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10. Constantly locking yourself out of your dorm room.

@DKalesnikoff hahahahaha dryden. Rico needs you. #lockedoutofroom

— Bobby Bouchet (@bjleier)
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11. Not taking advantage of your meal plan.

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12. And taking too much advantage of your meal plan.

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13. Buying all of the recommended course materials for ALL of your classes.

The look you give your professor after finding out that $200 book you bought will never be used. #collegeproblems

— Maci Gastineau (@maci_mooo)
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14. Thinking you’ll be best friends with your roommate in the dorms.

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15. Getting sloppy at house parties.

And this is why we don't go to frat parties anymore #freshmanlife

— Pilar Gonzalez (@pilargonz25)
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16. Overestimating how much you can fit in your dorm room.

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17. Spending all your financial aid money before classes even start.

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18. Inviting someone to stay the night in your twin-size bed.

The twin bed lifestyle follows me where ever I go #dormlife #scootover

— Emma Singer (@em_singer)
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19. Forgetting to log out of library computers.

didn't log out of my email at school yesterday and someone sent me this. weird

— Jaclyn Degidio (@JaclynDegidio)
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20. Choosing to stay together with your high school sweetheart.

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Even though he or she is now halfway across the country…

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21. Forgetting to schedule a lunch break in between your classes.

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22. Feeling guilty for skipping a class.

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23. Wearing dirty clothes for a week straight because you’re too lazy to make a trip to the laundry room.

It’s called Febreze.

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24. And taking your freshman year way too seriously.

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