23 Problems Only People With Freckles Will Understand

They aren’t just for redheads, mkay?

1. Your friends have played an “innocent” game of connect the freckles on you with a pen… that’s impossible to get off.

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2. Going outside is an invitation for more to spawn everywhere.

Comedy Central / Via thelolgifs.tumblr.com
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3. People always refer to your BEAUTY MARK on your face as your mole.

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4. Your dermatologist might as well be your best friend because of how often you have to see them.

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5. ABCD means something completely different to you.

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6. You’ve had to wear a long sleeve shirt… during the summer… to the pool.

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7. You’ve slapped yourself one too many times from mistaking a freckle for a bug.

just started screaming because I thought one of my freckles was a bug

— Katherine Beaulieu (@KateBeaulieuuu)
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8. Your friends would always ask if they could count your freckles as if it was fun for you.

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9. Getting a tan comes with great consequence.

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10. Little kids have come up to you and asked what “those spots are.”

Working Title Films / Via i.imgur.com
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11. As well as the classic, “you have some dirt/chocolate on your face.”

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12. Sunscreen is required just to go out and get the mail.

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13. SPF 15? Child’s play. You’re all about that SPF 100.

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14. You’ve been asked by complete strangers if you’ve gotten “that one checked out.”

Adult Swim
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15. You’re always on edge, analyzing your skin for possible new bigger spots.

There's a freckle on my hand that wasn't there yesterday so i'm probs gonna die

— Allyson Morin (@niromylla)
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16. Which results in the “possibly evolving freckle” photos on your phone.

Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed
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17. Finding a proper foundation shade can be an absolute nightmare.

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18. Not to mention the fact that it covers freckles up when you want to show them off.

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19. You’ve spent considerable amounts of time debating if your new freckles are pimples that should actually be covered up.

"Is this a freckle or is this a pimple? I just can't tell." @aksterr has real life issues

— Cole Putman (@coleputman)
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20. You’ve been condescendingly told you’re “cute” no matter your age.

ABC / Via gurl.com
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21. They show up EVERYWHERE. No place is safe.

Huge news!!! I have a freckle on my toe!!! How does that even happen???

— Spenser Adams (@SassySpens)
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22. You’ve wondered if you’ll ever turn into one big freckle eventually.

My mom is about to turn into one big freckle. So I prob could too. @be_y0u_tiful

— Sammi ♛♡ (@SammiLuvsCali31)
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23. But at the same time, people are buying products to give themselves fake freckles.

Trends Report: Got freckle envy? Why not fake freckles with a freckle pencil http://t.co/xFgzSKoOff

— Metro Canada picks (@metropicks)
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Even though freckles are frustrating…

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Also, all the cool kids have freckles.

Ian Gavan / Getty

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty

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Neilson Barnard / Getty

Chelsea Lauren / Getty

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So embrace ‘em, and be proud!

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