23 Problems Only People With Freckles Will Understand

They aren’t just for redheads, mkay?

2. Going outside is an invitation for more to spawn everywhere.

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3. People always refer to your BEAUTY MARK on your face as your mole.

4. Your dermatologist might as well be your best friend because of how often you have to see them.

5. ABCD means something completely different to you.

6. You’ve had to wear a long sleeve shirt… during the summer… to the pool.


8. Your friends would always ask if they could count your freckles as if it was fun for you.

9. Getting a tan comes with great consequence.

10. Little kids have come up to you and asked what “those spots are.”

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11. As well as the classic, “you have some dirt/chocolate on your face.”

12. Sunscreen is required just to go out and get the mail.

13. SPF 15? Child’s play. You’re all about that SPF 100.

14. You’ve been asked by complete strangers if you’ve gotten “that one checked out.”

Adult Swim

16. Which results in the “possibly evolving freckle” photos on your phone.

Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed

17. Finding a proper foundation shade can be an absolute nightmare.


18. Not to mention the fact that it covers freckles up when you want to show them off.

20. You’ve been condescendingly told you’re “cute” no matter your age.

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Even though freckles are frustrating…

Also, all the cool kids have freckles.

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So embrace ‘em, and be proud!

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