22 Problems Everyone With Slow Metabolisms Can Relate To


1. You break out in a sweat every time you hear “pizza party.”

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Just one bite.

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2. Your inner animal is a sloth.

“They have very low metabolic rates (less than half of that expected for a
creature of their size),” via this handy Sloth Fact Sheet.

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3. “Cheating” on a diet means completely unraveling weeks of work.

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4. You were never allowed to eat junk food as a child, and if you did, you immediately faced the consequences.

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5. You were convinced you were “big boned” in grade school.

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6. You could never enjoy the salty, crunchy deliciousness of these without becoming bloated.

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7. Hostess was a foreign brand to you growing up.

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8. Losing weight takes an eternity, but gaining takes hours.

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9. You’re still waiting on that growth spurt.

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10. You’ve accepted and embraced the forever pooch.

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11. You’ve never understood people that can eat anything and remain naturally skinny.

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12. You find yourself counting calories way too often.

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13. Seeing skinny people makes you hungrier, because you’ve accepted the fact that you need to enjoy life.

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14. This enrages you.

While the people with slow as metabolism are at the gym buahahah

— papitaa (@Papitaa)
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15. You’re waiting for tankinis to come back in style.

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16. You don’t get the people that can drink heavily every night and remain unaffected.

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17. You’ve grown used to ordering “skinny” drinks to keep up.

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18. You’ve tried every metabolism booster in the book.

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19. You regularly had to attend exercise class with you mom. Recess wasn’t enough.

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20. You’re sick of people telling you “slow metabolisms don’t exist.”

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21. You don’t understand people that eat horribly and pass their physical with flying colors.

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22. You’ve been told high cholesterol and high blood pressure are things to “watch out for.”

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The struggle may be real right now…

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…but just remember when everyone else’s metabolisms start to slow down, you’ll be prepared.

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