25 People You Can Only Find In Texas

The only state to get Chacos, trucks, and camo.

1. First off, everyone should know how to apply balm to udders.

ID: 3056759

2. This man exercising his right to bear arms.

ID: 3056396

3. This nutty pet owner. But really….Texans and squirrels.

ID: 3056407

4. She’s gotta get her Sonic somehow.

ID: 3056424

5. This avid fisherman.

ID: 3056435

6. This guy who obviously went to UT.

Only in Texas

— Natalia (@_nataliaperez)
ID: 3056442

7. This guy who got the Texas version of Pimp My Ride.

Someone took their #johndeere to school today. #twu #denton #collegelife

— Angel Changsta (@angelchangsta)
ID: 3056513

8. This meteorologist who has seen worse.

Texas has got to be the only state where it can be 8 degrees in one city and 92 in another.

— Kelsey Sconiers (@KelseyScon)
ID: 3056520

9. These pre-gamers.

My father shot this today at the Texas Rangers game- a pregame cow milking competition. Only in Texas.

— Andy Langer (@Andylanger)
ID: 3056533

10. These creative pyros.

ID: 3056836

11. Camo enthusiasts.

Only in Texas do you see a girl in a camo suit who seems to be a giant.

— Emily. ☮ (@heyyemmaa)
ID: 3056570

12. Some people collect stamps. This person collects Whataburger numbers.

ID: 3056660

13. This graduate in Chacos.

I'm graduating from Texas State University!!! And yes. In my Chacos! @chacousa

— kaylin (@KaylinPanning)
ID: 3056942

14. This passionate political junky.

Only in Texas...

— @TitansHomer (@TitansHomer)
ID: 3056614

15. This guy using what he’s got. Who says Texans don’t recycle?

Only in Texas would you see a guy fishing off of a giant piece of styrofoam..

— Payton (@GravesPayton)
ID: 3056624

16. The HEB bag man, who goes by “HE Buddy.”

ID: 3056672

17. Speaking of HEB…

ID: 3056793

18. These frightening steer-human hybrids.

ID: 3056681

19. Just waitin’ on his Oreo Blizzard.

@richardbranson Meanwhile, at a @DairyQueen in Texas, this Walter Mitty says he's a patriot:

— CoCo (@cmartin002)
ID: 3056716

20. This prankster.

Meanwhile in Texas.

— Gautam Trivedi (@Gotham3)
ID: 3056723

21. This toddler who lives life on the edge.

ID: 3056736

22. This cruiser who owns the road.

ID: 3056774

23. Cattle aren’t going to clean themselves.

ID: 3056800

24. He’s obviously thinking of new ways to sneak into the carpool lane.

ID: 3056806

25. This swanky limo driver.

ID: 3056828

Stay awesome, Texas.

ID: 3056880

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