25 Must-Have Beauty Tricks To Get You Through Summer

It’s time to conquer the sweat and perfect your skin.

1. Freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays for sunburn relief.

See how to make them here.

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2. Make lipgloss out of melted lipstick.

Nothing is worse than coming back to your hot car and discovering your makeup melted. Salvage the lipstick with this trick.

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3. Have a go-to silk scarf on hand for a quick and stylish updo on hot summer days.

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4. Avoid powdering your face to hide sweat. Instead, carry oil-blotting sheets to keep pores from clogging.

You can even make your own here.

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5. Create a coffee mask to fight the heat and decrease puffiness.

Don’t throw out those old coffee grounds. The caffeine and natural antioxidants can refresh your face and decrease swelling. Make it here.

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6. Eliminate sweat stains with lemon juice.

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Spray lemon juice on your clothes right before washing them.

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7. Use a raw potato to fix puffy tired eyes.

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Let’s face it, summer is known for its amazing nights. Refrigerate a raw sliced potato, and lay the cool slices on your eyes to get that fresh-faced look back after a long night.

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8. Avoid the chub rub with baby powder.

It’s smooth, light, and leaves your skin feeling ready for the heat. Learn how to make your own here.

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9. Tame frizz with a toothbrush.

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Spray a toothbrush with your favorite product, and smooth away.

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10. Place pantyliners in silk shirts to hide sweat.

On hot summer days, no one can avoid sweating. To prevent sweat stains, stick panty liners in the armpits of shirts. See how to do this here.

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11. Use the sun to your advantage to create natural highlights.

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Apply a mixture of coconut oil, lemon juice, water, and salt before going to the beach or pool.

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12. Protect hair color with an SPF leave-in conditioner.

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If you love your hair color and want to avoid natural highlighting, spray SPF leave in conditioner in your hair before heading out. Learn how to make your own here.

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13. Use milk of magnesia as a primer for oil-free, matte skin.

If you suffer from oily skin, milk of magnesia might actually be your miracle worker. Put it on after your moisturizer before your daily makeup routine for shine free skin.

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14. Use a tomato-based scrub for beautiful skin.

Tomatoes naturally cool skin down and with this sugar scrub, you will have renewed skin after a harsh day in the sun.

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15. Deodorant is your key to a sweat-proof blowout.

As strange as it may sound, swiping a bit of deodorant on the back of your neck helps keep you cool and prevents sweat that can ruin straightened hair. If you have sensitive skin, try making your own natural deodorant here.

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16. Remove bikini rash with crushed aspirin.

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Aspirin contains salicylic acid that helps exfoliate and smooth bikini bumps quickly. Mix the crushed pills with honey and water to get rid of ingrown hairs and redness. See instructions here.

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17. Create beach waves with a headband. / Creative Commons

This trick even works on the straightest hair. Check it out here.

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18. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair for frizz-free hair.

Flickr: 100_strangers / Creative Commons

Take a cotton shirt to the beach or pool to prevent the poof.

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19. Create fun summer lip shades by melting down crayons.

By melting down your favorite bright crayons, there are endless combinations. By adding shea butter and olive oil, you get the benefits of a moisturizing balm. Find out how to make it here.

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20. Ditch your powder blush for tinted creme blush.

Creme blush works better with sweat than powder.

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21. Preserve your razor blade by soaking it in olive oil.

Flickr: fdecomite / Creative Commons

With how much you use your razor during the summer, you want to extend its life as long as possible. Just coat it in olive oil to prevent rust and give it a few more days.

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22. For cracked dry feet, use Vaseline and cotton socks for an overnight miracle.

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The beach can wreak havoc on your feet and heels, so rub a thin layer of Vaseline on your feet, and slip a pair of socks on. Keep them on overnight, and by the morning you will have newly nourished feet.

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23. Smooth dry lips with sugar.

Use sugar cubes or a simple honey and sugar scrub. It’s easy, cheap, and edible.

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24. Get the dewy look by just adding a bit of highlighter to your foundation.

SvetlanaFedoseyeva / Shutterstock

Be sure to highlight your cheek bones and collarbones.

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25. Beat the heat with mint lotion.

To keep yourself cool without a pool, apply mint lotion. It’s tingly and ticks your skin into feeling cooler. Make your own here.

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