26 Feelings Musical Theatre Kids Will Remember Forever

Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle.

1. Seeing the musical that changed everything for you.

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2. The excitement after your theatre teacher announces the season’s production.

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3. Practicing your audition song over and over, no matter where you are.

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4. The pit in your stomach after hearing someone before you kill their audition.

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5. Walking into your audition, you’re crying on the inside, but on the outside…

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6. The wave of nausea right before you see the cast list.

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7. The euphoria after seeing you got the role you wanted.

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8. The devastation after getting cast as “Townsperson #1.”

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9. Congratulating your biggest competitor when they get your favorite role.

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10. Finding out who your understudy is.

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11. Realizing you may in fact not be a triple threat.

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12. Being told you’re the dramatic one of your friends.

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13. The rage when someone tried to take theatre “for fun.”

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14. Getting the news that you have to choreograph and perform a fight scene in front of everyone.

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15. Feeling super edgy after seeing “Spring Awakening” or “Rent” for the first time.

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16. The stone cold fear after your director abruptly stopped rehearsal to announce she’s lost all faith in the production.

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17. Coming home after a grueling twelve hour rehearsal.

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18. The moment during tech rehearsals when everything finally starts working out.

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19. Being made fun of for calling yourself a “thespian.”

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20. Waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming you’re not ready for opening night.

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21. The joy of hearing it’s a full house.

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22. When you blow the entire audience away.

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23. The painfully awkward reality of someone forgetting their line.

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24. Hearing about all your friends hooking up at the cast party.

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25. The bittersweet moment after your final show as a student.

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26. Striking the set.

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