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    • CanadianLaxChick88

      wow. just wow…. this Liu person and the rest of the Falcon team are way off.
      it only takes ONE person to make ONE snide/mean/insulting comment on the internet, about someone else to be classified as cyber-bullying!!
      it does NOT have to be an entire school, or a group of people.
      ONE person can bully another.
      ONE person can make the life of another difficult.
      ONE person can push someone to the end of their rope!
      i know from experience. it takes ONE person to start a whole lot of trouble. in this case, there were THREE boys vs ONE girl. it makes complete sense if she was too intimidated to reach out to the councilors or the police.
      THREE football players.
      whether the picture was cirulating or not, it would be the words of THREE against the word of ONE.
      the picture was sent to at least ONE person, if not TEN…..
      how is that NOT technological/social/directed/intentional/cyber/whatever the hell you want to call it-bullying?!?!?!?!?!?!
      let the girl rest in peace and stop reaching for an argument that isnt valid. it makes me wonder whose side these falcon writers are on!