17 Animals Who Were Totally Prepared For Halloween

Who said dressing up was only fun for humans? It’s fun to try new things, and with Campbell’s Go™ soups, it’s never been easier to explore flavors from around the world.

1. This Rat, Dressed As A Superhero (Or Crayon)

I guess there are more possibilities but superhero or crayon seemed the most likely.

2. This Puppy, Dressed As A Can Of Soda

She’s totally right though, the packaging should’ve said there weren’t any holes to put her legs through!

3. This Dog, As Something From “Tron”

I didn’t see it so it’s hard to know what for sure.

4. This Camel, Dressed As…

…a robot king? Or a water tower at Christmastime (get it!)?

5. This Pug, Dressed As A Hell’s Angel

“You wanna get outta here? I can take you somewhere.”

6. This Guinea Pig, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The rest of us have nightmares about that movie, but this guy was in awe.

7. This Dog, As “Magic Mike”

He’s also (probably) available for private parties.

8. This Hedgehog, Dressed As A Member Of A Mariachi Band

Planning to propose? This guy’s your man. Just make the reservation and then once you and your lady are seated at the table, shoo away the guy trying to sell the $1 roses and he’ll come right over.

9. This Cat, Dressed As A Spider

He’s just upset because his mom sewed his eyes on the top of his head, which is clearly not where spiders have eyes.

10. These Ferrets, Dressed As Your Cousins

…at the portrait studio, obviously.

11. This Lizard, Dressed As A Flying Lizard

This one might be a bit depressing…?

12. This Dog, Dressed As Fluffy From “Harry Potter”

It doesn’t seem like this dog had much of a choice, but props to him for going along with it.

13. This Dog, As A Horse

Horses are so in this year.

14. These Geese, Dressed As The Ladies Who Lunch

“We’ll take our usual table in the corner, please. Yes, that’s us. We called ahead to make sure you would have our mimosas ready for us when we got here.”

15. This Cat, Dressed As Pippi Longstocking

No one ever said everyone was going to have a good Halloween.

16. This Dog, The Martini

Shaken, obviously.

17. This Pug, As A Pug

Pugs: always finding ways to hate on the things we like to do.

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