15 Foods That Are Too Good To Be True

Take a second look at these foods. They are way more than what they seem.

1. Think this is asparagus?

Nope. It’s a cake.

2. Popcorn chicken? Nope. Cauliflower popcorn!

Learn how to make it here.

3. Here’s a cute way to make “mushrooms” for your salad. Just cut up some radishes.

4. This looks like sushi, but it’s actually chocolate!

5. This “burger” is actually a cupcake.

6. And you probably think this is a cupcake now…

But it’s actually a muffin.

7. Looks like some yummy steak-cut… cinnamon fries!

Levi Brown / Via

Made of bread!

8. A crab boil?

Nope. A cake.

9. Pound cake and orange frosting disguised as a grilled cheese sandwich.

10. Think this pie is a sweet treat? Think again!

It’s actually shepherd’s pie in disguise!

11. Ice cream? No. Mashed potatoes.

12. Baked potato? Nope. This time it’s ice cream.

13. Sweet cupcakes?

Nah, it’s cornbread with mashed potatoes and bacon bits. Yum!

14. Cupcake… in a real egg shell?

15. Don’t eat fish? No worries.

These are cookie “fish sticks,” taffy “peas,” and jam “ketchup.”

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