10 Things You Only Get To Do Once A Year

If every day were Christmas, presents wouldn’t be so special. Also, we would all be broke.

1. Journey into uncharted waters aboard a Star Trek cruise.

“Beam me out to sea, Scotty.”

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2. Wait for a groundhog.

What are you doing on February 2? Want to wait around for a groundhog to show its face and pretend like it has something to do with the weather? Yeah, me neither.

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3. Attend SantaCon.

garryknight / Via Flickr: garryknight

The next time someone asks you, “Hey, want to spend the day dressed as a jolly fat man beloved by children across the world and do things that would give those same children nightmares?” Just say, “Ho.”

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4. Find out who your real friends are…

myhalohalo / Via myhalohalo.tumblr.com

Over 600 facebook “friends” and only 150 happy birthday wishes… nope… doesn’t add up.

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5. Spring cleaning.

You’re allowed to be thankful for only having to do something once a year.

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6. Get saucy at La Tomatina.

Jasper Juinen / Via Getty

The only rules the 30,000 brave souls who gather in Buñol, Spain have to follow when they pelt 125,000 kg of tomatoes at each other are: 1) Squish and 2) Throw.

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7. Give the ugliest dog in the world a prize.

Justin Sullivan / Getty

Justin Sullivan / Getty


If we did this with a human it would be wrong.

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8. Have it be socially acceptable to be a a sexy [insert esteemed profession here].


It’s still about the candy. The eye candy.

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9. Convince people that you should be allowed to handle explosives.

clutch / Via guycodeblog.mtv.com

What else is the 4th of July good for anyway?

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The only sport in which — no matter the outcome — the winner is you.

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And call in sick to work to play Call of Duty.

Marco Arment / Via Flickr: marcoarment

That’s right, the 24 hour stomach bug is back, and you deserve it. Call of Duty®: Ghosts, Available Now.

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