15 Signs You’re Addicted To Nutella

Some call it a hazelnut chocolate spread. You call it a way of life.

1. This is what your typical trip to the grocery store looks like.

ID: 1240570

2. You find this man to be the most attractive human on the planet.

He holds the key to your very happiness.

ID: 1240562

3. You already know exactly how you’ll be raising your children.

ID: 1240561

Choosy moms choose Jif, but hardcore moms choose Nutella.

ID: 1243173

4. Your purse is always fully stocked in case you need a quick fix.

ID: 1240566

5. You genuinely like the idea of Nutella flowing through your veins.

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6. When you close your eyes at night, you dream of places like this:

ID: 1243257

And this:

Camille Dodero / Via blogs.villagevoice.com
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7. But your nightmares look something like this:

ID: 1243611

Because you would NEVER waste a single drop of that chocolatey goodness.

ID: 1243626

8. You know stealing is bad, but you find yourself admiring these criminals.

Can I get these robbers’ numbers plz?

ID: 1240569

9. No matter what the labels may say, you know there is only one true hazelnut spread.


ID: 1243325


ID: 1243306


ID: 1240571

10. This looks like a perfectly balanced meal to you.

I mean, there IS a banana there. Food pyramid = conquered.

ID: 1248348

11. Your happiest moments in life revolve around Nutella.

ID: 1243202

12. Unfortunately, so do your saddest moments.

ID: 1243550

13. You know there is more than one way to enjoy this revolutionary treat…

ID: 1248350

Cushioned between two cookies:

Get the recipe here.

ID: 1243095

Stuffed into your pancakes:

Get the recipe here.

ID: 1243348

Melted into hot chocolate:

Get the recipe here.

ID: 1248354

Or drizzled atop your cupcakes:

Get the recipe here.

ID: 1243506

14. But true addicts know the best way to enjoy Nutella is straight out of the jar.

ID: 1248359

15. And even though sometimes you end up eating the ENTIRE jar, you never regret it.

ID: 1240565

Because Nutella is pure magic made in the land of yum. Start spreading, my friends.

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