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    • buzzy55

      “Forty-five percent of Best Picture winners have been ratedR— just 20% got PG-13.”
      That’s plainly false. The Oscars have been around since 1929, or 84 years. 45%+20% of 85 awards is 55 films. The MPAA rating system was only created in 1968, or 45 years ago. What you’re probably claiming isamuch weaker claim: that of Best Pictures awarded since 1968, 45% were rated R. But PG-13 was created in 1984, or only 29 years ago, so statistically it’s not at all surprising that there are still more R-rated Best Pictures than PG-13. The relevant question would be: of the films that won, using the current ratings and rating guidelines, what would their ratings be today? For example, how many of the pre-1984 Best Picture films would have been PG-13, had that rating existed at the time? Does anybody really think that The French Connection would be ratedRtoday? It seems quite likely thatRwould no longer be the top rating at the Oscars, if all these films were rated anew today. It only got that way because half the time there was no rating system at all, andathird of the time we did have ratings,Rwas the only thing between “PG” and “X”.