Who Wore It Better: Lady Gaga Edition

The ultimate showdown: Lady Gaga vs. a Minnie Mouse umbrella.

1. Flower Wreaths: Lady Gaga? Or this horse?

ID: 599359

2. Flowing Brown Locks With A Headband: Lady Gaga? Or Jesus?

ID: 599558

3. Silly Headwear And Fur Purse Tails: Lady Gaga? Or hipsters at Coachella?

ID: 599586

4. Mouse Ears: Lady Gaga? Or this Minnie Mouse umbrella?

ID: 599646

5. Orange House Dress: Lady Gaga? Or Mary Poppins meets an orange traffic cone?

ID: 599734

6. Scary Bug Shell: Lady Gaga? Or a stag beetle?

ID: 599766

7. Pink Sheath Headwear: Lady Gaga? Or I Dream Of Jeannie?

ID: 599838

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